Frequently Asked Questions


I cannot log in to register. What can I do?

If you are a Scope member you can log in with your details or request a new password. If you are not a Scope member but have an account you also log in or request a new password. If you do not have an account yet you can create one by clicking "I am not a Scope member" in the top right corner. You will receive an Email with how to proceed. 

What should I do if I did not get a confirmation Email?

It might take a few days for the payment to proceed. You will get a confirmation Email within the next working days. Only after your confirmation Email, you will receive your ticket and then you can set your preferences.

Who can register for the MBDs?

Every SBE student can register for the Maastricht Business Days. It does not matter which year you study in.

When is the subscription deadline?

The deadline to subscribe for students is the 13th of October, meaning you can subscribe until 11:59 pm on the 13th of October, 2019. Please note that we cannot offer an extended deadline due to the large number of participants at the MBDs.

The registration deadline for companies is in September. If you would like to participate at the Maastricht Business Days in the future you can send us a message and we will carefully file your details for the next events.

What is the participation fee?

The standard participation fee is 30€. However, SCOPE Members* receive the usual 50% discount on SCOPE events, resulting in a reduced participation fee of 15€. The participation fee includes a full lunch and unlimited (non-alcoholic) beverages on both days of the event, a complimentary shuttle bus between SBE and Vaeshartelt, access to the student tent, and entrance to the company fairs on both days of the event. *Please note that in order to receive the 50% discount, you have to be a registered SCOPE member BEFORE subscribing to the MBDs 2019. To sign up as a SCOPE member, please visit: To verify your current SCOPE member status, please visit:

How do I indicate my activity preferences?

You can select your preferences under "My account" - "My Event". When selecting several activities, please make sure that you rank the activities according to which activity you prefer the most in the “your preferences” box. Even if activities are not in the same time slot, you have to rank them according to your preferences. The algorithm tries to allocate you to the best solution possible for companies and students. 

Can I subscribe to more than one activity in the same time slot?

Yes, you can. It even increases your chances to be selected by a company if you register for various activities simultaneously. Just do not forget to indicate your preferences by putting them in the right order. If you only select one preference and you do not get selected you might not get any activity at all.

Should I subscribe to activities held in German/Dutch?

We advise you to attend workshops or interviews that are held in your native language*. On the website, the language for each activity is indicated. You can access this information either in the preference selection or by clicking on the activities tab.

*Note that most of the activities are held in English, which everyone can attend. We try our best to make the MBDs as international as possible, however, some companies are only recruiting for German/Dutch students and thus will not offer English activities. On behalf of these select companies, we thank you for your understanding this.


 How are students selected for activities?

Company recruiters select a group of students they would like to invite to their activities based on their CVs and rank them. Afterwards, an algorithm will allocate students to activities based on the optimal combination of student preferences and company selections. If you did not get selected for a particular activity, that does not mean that the company is not interested in you. Remember that companies only offer very few spots for their activities, so it is difficult to select students. Therefore, we strongly advise meeting the company of your choice at the company fair. Furthermore, we advise you to fill in as many preferences as possible to increase the chances of being chosen. There will be no room for negotiation about your final schedule and the activities you get selected for.

I did not get selected for a workshop, interview, networking drinks, and dinner. What can I do?

We are sorry you did not get chosen by the companies of your choice for the activities you subscribed for. However, you still have ample opportunities to interact with companies at the MBDs! Apart from the company fairs on both days, there are many company presentations to which we can spontaneously give you access to during the event. Furthermore, we advise you to drop by our service desk during the day and consult with the day crew for last-minute opportunities. If you decide not to join the MBDs you will get a refund. If you are joining the company fair and want to keep the chance of being able to attend presentations you will not get a refund. 


What is the SCOPE Blacklisting Policy?

If you are selected for an interview/ workshop/dinner/networking drink and do not show up you are blacklisted. If you are blacklisted you can’t attend any SCOPE event for one year, starting from the date of the missed event up to and including the same event in the following year. The MBD 2019 allows up to two days after receiving your personalized schedule to cancel activities, afterwards, you do not receive a refund anymore and the blacklisting policy applies. Of course, there may be exceptions to this.

By when can I unsubscribe and receive a full refund?

You can unsubscribe by the subscription deadline, 13th of October 2019 and you will get a refund of your participation fee. After receiving your schedule you have 48 hours to unsubscribe and get a refund. Send an Email to

Can I deregister for certain activities?

Yes, you can send us an Email ( and cancel certain activities. If you keep other activities you will not get a refund. 

If I subscribed but did not get any activities, can I still unsubscribe?

If you do not get any workshops/interviews you need to unsubscribe within 2 days of receiving your personalized schedule to get a refund. Be aware that if you decide to still attend presentations, the opening speech, lunch, and/ or the company fair you will not get a refund. 


Can I become a day committee member and help out during the MBD 2019?

We are pleased to get help from YOU! Please send us an e-mail on and let us know what tasks you would like to take over. (see next question)

What kind of task can I expect as a member of the day committee?

As a general member of the day committee, you will help out with tasks such as the registration process, the company fair, more or less everything that pops up and has to be arranged. You will get an exclusive look at how the MBD is organized. As a company buddy, you are the MBD ambassador towards a specific company during the time the company is present. This means that you need to cater to the recruiters’ wishes as good as possible, make sure the recruiters follow their schedule etc. You are an important link between the MBD board and the participating company. What’s in it for you? The ability to get to know recruiters of a company you are interested in on an exclusive personal basis. If you become a company buddy we expect you to also help out with some other more general tasks. You can become a day committee member for only one day, this way you can attend the MBD as a participant the other day.


Why are not all activities in English?

We give our best at encouraging companies to hold all their activities at the MBDs in English, in order to make them accessible to all students at SBE. However, some companies recruit specifically for positions in the Dutch/German market, and applicants must be able to speak this respective language to be able to work for the company. 

Can I organize the MBDAs 2020?

If you are interested in organizing the MBD 2020, send an email to for more information. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Where does the MBDAs take place?

The Maastricht Business Days Autumn Edition will take place at Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt, situated in outer Maastricht. However, we provide a bus shuttle all three day from the SBE to the location and back again. The bus schedule can be found in the Section "Information"