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Workshop Sparke & Keane

Pinpointing bottlenecks A crucial element in delivering valuable and practical advice to companies lies in the ability to understand complex processes. This skill enables us to pinpoint bottlenecks, identify waste, and assess the financial, logistical, or environmental impact. At Sparke & Keane, the robust foundation of our business rests on the Lean methodology. Providing professionals with tools to comprehend and visualize these processes. In fact, the majority of our employees at Sparke & Keane hold a Lean Belt, and we go a step further by certifying teams at our clients. To provide you with a glimpse into the Sparke & Keane methodology, this workshop will guide you through the essentials of Lean, blending theory with hands-on workshop. Above all, it offers a taste of the dynamism inherent in the Lean approach and how it can be applied to a spectrum of business challenges across domains like Finance, Business Intelligence, Sustainability, and Supply Chain. The icing on the cake: you'll depart from this workshop with an official White Belt Certification, a fantastic stride in advancing your career!