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ARHS Group

💻 Arηs (read: /aris/) stands for “Advanced and Reliable Information Systems”. With more than 2500 IT experts in 8 European countries, 🌍 we’re leading and innovating the IT world around us. Our way? We ditch the old school IT 😵 and use the ✨newest technologies & methodologies ✨ to make the word ‘geek’ sound cooler than ever 😎.
All that is served by some of the best guys and girls in the industry 👨‍💻 👩‍💻 specialized in our 7 expertise areas: 🔥Software Development 🔥Mobile Development 🔥Data Science 🔥Cloud 🔥Machine Learning 🔥Digital Trust 🔥Infrastructure.
🖥️ If CODE runs in your blood – join your new family – because #WeAreCodeBlooded ❗