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DHL Netherlands

DHL was founded by 3 entrepreneurs in 1969 named Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn. They initially started by transporting customs documents by air. As a result, the time taken for customs to process freight shipments was dramatically reduced. The first flights were between San Francisco and Honolulu, but the network was later expanded to all corners of the globe. Since 2013, DHL has been the market-leader with respect to international express deliveries and logistics and now our network covers 220 countries and territories! That’s almost the entire world! In Maastricht the Shared Service Center (SSC) is located. The SSC is part of the DHL Express Finance Organization and delivers Finance solutions to a range of business partners within DHL. The SSC is founded in 2000 and started as a center where administrational and transactional finance activities for various European countries where performed. During the years it evolved to an innovation center with teams that carry a global responsibility for key finance processes like Billing, Accounts Receivables and Financial Accounting but also topics like Data analysis, Robotic Process Automation and Business Project organization. On this day there are over 570 people working here at the SSC with over 50 Different nationalities.