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Rompe Mar

Rompe Mar is a Pisco start-up, currently located in Mexico City, with a young, dynamic, and international team. Our goal and vision are to explore the world, spread “Joie de Vivre”, and dive deep into local pleasures. Although our product is currently exclusively sold in Mexico, we want to expand to the European Market in 2023. 

Rompe Mar does not cultivate a culture of micromanagement, but instead favours interns having a prominent say and impact. Following a flat hierarchy, Rompe Mar is looking for interns with an entrepreneurial mindset, who are not afraid to go the extra mile and find creative, innovative, and actionable strategies for the challenges faced.

As a start-up, we are constantly trying to change, evolve, and find better ways to penetrate our target markets. We encourage critical thinking and feedback loops to find an optimal mechanism to sell and grow accounts in an emerging market.

If you would like more information about the company, you can find us during the MBDs or contact us here: