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Von Buddenbrock Unternehmensgruppe

The quality of your application determines the quality of your career - trust the quality leader in career and financial coaching for academics. A CRITICAL VIEW For us, there is no whitewashing. We have found ways around the shoals and absurdities of the industry. We believe that customer-oriented and highly specialized career coaching as well as real independent provision and asset planning for academics can work. PERFORMANCE THROUGH TRUE INDEPENDENCESince its inception, the private financial house has been 100% privately owned. This independence from other banks and insurance gives us an unbiased overview of all financial products and services that are relevant to you. This allows us to develop solutions that are tailored to our customers. Regardless of the interests of third parties. We can demonstrate our expertise with in-depth training, long-term experience and ongoing training. All consultants are not commercial agents but real independent consultants. RESPONSIBLE FINANCIAL AND CAREER PLANNING We focus on a partnership relationship between the customer and consultant - and a trustful consultation at eye level, where we responsibly deal with risks and use at the same time benefits and opportunities. Our financial issues: income protection, health protection, real estate investment, financing, asset management, private and corporate pension schemes and more.