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Deutsche Telekom Center for Strategic Projects

Our mission: Preparing Telekom for the future

As Telekom’s in-house consulting division, we develop innovative and sustainable solutions to ensure Telekom’s future success. Our mission is founded on two pillars:

  1. Strategic Consulting and Group Transformation
  2. Development of Future Leaders

As trusted advisor to Telekom’s top management, we support key transformation projects and thus ensure Telekom’s success. Therefore, we need cutting-edge ideas, innovative concepts, and consultants that strive to shape the future of a Fortune 100 corporation. With substantial market expertise, technical know-how, as well as in-depth knowledge of future developments we meet the demands of our clients. This makes us an invaluable partner to the board of Deutsche Telekom.

In addition to strategy consulting, we develop future Telekom executives. Hence, we offer a fast-track career path with the objective to shape your managerial skills and personality. This prepares our consultants for a recognized leadership position after your CSP career.

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