Workshop Henkel


At Henkel we recently launched our very own Consumer Activation Program. Hereby, our marketing teams have the opportunity to connect with the consumers via an online consumer video platform and become even more consumer obsessed! They learn about their lives, values, passions and more through direct interactions. Not only does this program drive human-level understanding but also ensures that, as a business, the consumer is at the forefront of everything we do!

 How do we communicate such an initiative to our marketing community? In this workshop, you will have the chance to develop a communication strategy for a global marketing initiative at a leading FMCG company.



Investment Controlling Case – Deciding about value-creating investments”
It is your job to analyze two potential investment projects for our CEO and to prepare a proposal for him. As part of your work you will calculate the impacts of both projects on our profit and loss, consider cash flows and apply tools like Internal Rate of Return and Net Present Value.