Student Chat Qualtrics

Student Chats, which last 20 minutes, are based on the mutual interests of companies and respective students. Both students and companies are able to indicate their interests in advance. The company representatives will choose the students they are most interested in based on the CVs. During a student chat, you have the opportunity to present yourself in form of an interview.

Language: English

These are some of our very popular employee-led groups and give a great sense of our culture here! 

Green Team                                                                                       WLD

One Team                                                                                          Q&Able

Clubs & Socs                                                                                     QPride

Qualtrics Graduate Programme                                                      Qualtrics Sales Graduate Programme

Lisa                                                                                                     Leigh (SDR manager)

Sarah                                                                                                  Sophie (SDR Manager)

Adrian                                                                                                  Pia

Company Profil