Workshop Funkemedien -German-

Please bring a laptop to the workshop!

Make or buy? Creating a video-on-demand portal: purchase externally, or develop in-house?

The media world is transforming before our eyes. For several years now, the market for video-on-demand (VoD) content has been growing, bringing significant changes to media usage behaviour. Traditional TV broadcasters aren't the only ones now forced to adapt their business models; publishers of print and digital TV guides, such as the FUNKE MEDIENGRUPPE (TV Digital, TVdirekt, Hörzu, etc.) now have to rethink their approach as well. The demand for "on-demand" information is one that FUNKE must meet if it expects to defend and expand the market share of its print and online program guides. This is a necessary condition for sustainable growth. FUNKE has identified a promising on-demand platform and would like to now reflect on whether to purchase the platform or to develop a similar one itself. Try your hand as a real media manager in this workshop and help us make the right decision.