Workshop Mäurer & Wirtz -German-

Background Information: The M&W Case directly refers to a challenge our Trade Marketing Department is currently facing. The Trade Marketing Department develops new marketing concepts for the B2B Trade and is in charge of the promotions of our fragrances. They ensure that our fragrances are present at every point and are showcased at each Point of Sale (PoS) during each sales quarter.

Case: The Brand of 4711 Echt Kölnich Wasser has existed for over 225 years and with a wide range of products. We fulfil the wants and needs of our older target consumers, who use the products for refreshment purposes and spirit rejuvenation. In order to widen our consumer range and increase sales for the 4711 Brand, the question remains on how to best develop new PoS secondary placement concepts that encourage people to buy our products.

Challenge: The task is to develop eye-catching secondary placements, such as floor or counter displays, for the 4711 Brand. Our focus is increasing sales during the summer season within our Drugstore Markets and Hypermarkets. The idea is to integrate Key Visuals and headlines that highlight and embody the theme of ‘Refreshment’ within the new PoS concepts. Additionally, a sell-through mechanism, i.e a free add-on or GWP, concept should be developed to increase consumer incentive to buy our products.