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Workshop Advyce

From Data to Disruption: Consulting Insights By Advyce & Perlitz Are you interested in how to bring a local bank to the next level through innovation and data analytics? Advyce & Perlitz is a management consulting firm focused on innovative methods and latest technology operating across various industry sectors. During the workshop we take participating students through a real project example from the banking industry with a variety of different problem statements reaching from developing a new business model dedicated to young customers to optimizing the usage of different distribution channels with the help of AI. We will provide a mix of presenting innovation frameworks and data analytics tools combined with interactively discussing real problem statements by one of our current clients. During the workshop students will: - Get an overview of an exemplary project at Advyce & Perlitz - Acquire valuable insights in our methodology and innovative AI tools - Discuss real questions elaborated together with the client - Pitch their own ideas to further develop the project solution