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Workshop Implement Consulting Group

At Implement, we are committed to leaving organizations and their people in a truly better place. To do so, one of our focus areas is to support our clients in building green businesses and contribute towards a more sustainable future. Based on a real case, you and your team are asked to help a fast-growing green venture which offers innovative packaging that cuts emissions nearly in half. The goal is to support them in defining a strategy and become the new standard in their industry. While they already have a strong foothold in their home market, they are now aiming to expand across Europe and prove themselves as the greenest solution. Therefore, you are part of a larger market expansion program and, together with your team, dedicated to fulfill one of the following missions: 1. Conduct a product lifecycle assessment to assess and further optimize the company's ecological footprint 2. Define a go-to-market and sales strategy for the European market 3. Develop a business case to scale the next generation product with a significantly lower footprint across the market