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Workshop zeb Consulting (Crack the Case - How to solve case studies correctly?)

Business cases are the most common form of case studies in job interviews. The task includes analyzing and assessing the company’s problem. But how do you address a business case correctly? And how can it be solved quickly and efficiently? These and other questions will be answered in our Crack the Case workshop as part of the Maastricht Business Days.

For mastering business cases successfully, we will present you with different cases and will give you inside tips to be prepared for case studies in the best possible way. In this seminar, you will learn to​- make your presentations more visually appealing,​- convince your audience with well thought-out storylines, and​- deal with business cases and job interviews faster and more efficiently.​In order to benefit in the best possible way, please be equipped with your laptop and a suitable slide presentation software (e.g. PowerPoint).​