Workshop BearingPoint


From the ways we stay in touch with each other, to the ways we develop, deliver, buy, sell, create, consume, and share goods and services – our world is increasingly digital. It’s a world of big changes. However, many companies are facing a series of challenges in creating an innovative digital service offering and in refocusing their organization to compete with the speed and flexibility of lean startups. We would like to invite you to an interactive workshop with BearingPoint, where you and your team will take the role of BearingPoint consultants and give guidance to an established company to take the right strategic decisions and tactical steps in order to create competitive and profitable digital service offerings. Please note that this workshop will be held in German.



Sustainable Finance in the Financial Services Industry

Currently financial market participants see an increasing importance of sustainability due to the rising customer demand and the upcoming EU regulations. In this context it is usually referred to the 3 dimensions Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG). BearingPoint research on more than 100 European banks indicate that banks that credibly invest in sustainability perform better in the market. The case study addresses how to approach the strategic transformation towards ESG in the financial services industry in terms of organizational set-up, products and services, and the potential/expected impact on relevant ESG measures.