Board 2018

Welcome to MBD!

We, the MBD board 2018, are pleased to have the opportunity of welcoming you to our website!

Since 1996, the Maastricht Business Days (MBD) are an annually returning recruitment event organized for students of the School of Business and Economics of Maastricht University. The MBDs are Maastricht’s biggest recruitment event, guaranteeing a qualitative experience for both renowned international companies and students. During the two day event, companies and students have the opportunity to get to know each other during workshops, interviews, company presentations, and the company fair. Networking drinks and recruitment dinners provide the chance to meet in an informal atmosphere.

Our mission

This year's edition is built around the theme Create.Yourself. We are thriving to organize a memorable event for all parties involved, while staying true to our mission: “To lay the foundation for students to connect to the business world and to create their individual paths to success.”

Allow us to introduce ourselves:

Maastricht Business Days 2018 board

  • Stephanie Pillichshammer

    Stephanie Pillichshammer (President)

    My name is Stephanie Pillichshammer, I am 25 years old and from Austria. Our event offers an outstanding diverse portfolio of companies and students have the opportunity to connect to the business world, extend their network, and create their individual paths to success. Together with my team I am responsible for the consistent improvement, quality, and reputation of our event. As the president, I try to empower and support my fellow board members to ensure a smooth collaboration within the team. Furthermore, I coordinate the communication towards the SCOPE Maastricht framework and the University. I am excited to take this great opportunity and challenge myself to create an event that satisfies expectations and is beneficial for all parties involved. I am very much looking forward to welcoming you in person on 6th and 7th of March 2018.

  • Felix Kreimer

    Felix Kreimer (Treasurer)

    My name is Felix Kreimer, 21 years old and from the beautiful countryside in the western part of Germany. Within our board, I am taking over the role of the Treasurer, meaning that I am responsible for all financial and legal issues. So I try to make all the great ideas of my team feasible. I love my position, because I get great insights in how you set up invoices, contracts and learn that every single detail is important. Another skill I learn during my work is decision making. Everything regarding prices and budget is after negotiations on me. So being aware of your decision and having clear reasoning is important. Great tasks to grow on. I am really pleased to be part of this great team and to create memorable MBDs.

  • Vivian Chan

    Vivian Chan (Operations)

    My name is Vivian Chan, 22 and from a little town near Düsseldorf. As Operations Commissioner, I will deal with the operational tasks at the MBDs, and will arrange all kinds of bookings, ranging from the Kasteel Vaeshartelt to the bus company. Knowing the importance of networking, my goal is to give my fellow students the opportunity to get into contact with a wide variety of employers. My team and I will make sure to provide the best environment for students and recruiters to create another great experience. Last but not least, I am looking forward to welcoming you to the MBDs 2018!

  • Maren Siegert

    Maren Siegert (Marketing)

    My name is Maren Siegert, I’m 22 years old and from Viersen, Germany. As a participant at last year’s event, I recognised the outstanding value creation of the Maastricht Business Days. This year, I am involved as the Marketing Commissioner. It is my task to communicate information to all parties involved via our external channels. I am looking forward to inspire SBE students to create themselves by using the unique opportunities to get in contact with a diverse portfolio of companies in a professional setting. I am eager to maintain our high standards of professionalism and to further strengthen our brand. As the board we are giving our best to make the Maastricht Business Days 2018 a crucial event for you. I am looking forward to meeting you on our social media channels and to welcoming you at the MBDs 2018.

  • Annabel Stöhr

    Annabel Stöhr (External Germany)

    My name is Annabel Stöhr and I am 21 years old from Münster, Germany. For this year’s Maastricht Business Days I am the External Relations Commissioner for Germany, meaning that my main responsibilities are to acquire companies and coordinate and keep constant contact with them. I am looking forward to communicate with a great range of industries and build up an unique portfolio for the MBD 2018. Together with my team we are striking to create unforgettable days for both, the companies and students. We are very excited to welcome you on the 6th and 7th of March in Maastricht.

  • Lieneke Jongmans

    Lieneke Jongmans (External Netherlands & International)

    My name is Lieneke Jongmans, I am 20 and from a little town near Utrecht, The Netherlands. I am responsible for the External Relations of the Maastricht Business Days 2018. Currently, I am a 2nd year International Business student at the School of Business and Economics. Within the board of the Maastricht Business Days I am in charge of the acquisition of and communication with both Dutch and International companies. Personally, I am eager to take on this new opportunity next to my studies. I am very much looking forward to being part of an amazing board, making this an unforgettable event for all parties involved. I hope to meet you at the Maastricht Business Days on the 6th and 7th of March!